Impact of sports in movies : Simple Data visualization Analysis

1. How has the featuring of sports as backdrop or prominent theme increased over the years? We simply count the …Read the Rest

Library WiFi usage – Visualization

Analyze the data with with the help of a simple chart and with few colors. for more information: A simple …Read the Rest

The first letter frequency of each country’s name.

For more information:The first letter frequency of each country’s name.

Bed bugs in Boston – 311 data analysis

Bed bugs in Boston Continue Reading: Data analysis for Bed bugs in Boston

Analysis and Data visualizations : Bed bugs, Y Combinator and Halloween

Y Combinator companies has more funding than the sum total of all remaining accelerators For more information:Analysis and Data visualizations …Read the Rest

The top states for receiving the bailout money

Continue Reading Data Visualization : Who made money for the Government on the bailout money?

Don’t Expect A Large Salary Increase If You Didn’t Go To College

As per US Census data, following chart illustrates that if you have less than “college degree” then the jumps in …Read the Rest

UI Mockup Tool – User interface wireframes

UI Mockup Tool – User interface wireframes

A new cloud based SAAS service for building Dashboard and website prototypes is now available at MockupTiger is an …Read the Rest

Balsamiq Alternative – What other wireframing tools

If you want to check out other applications other than Balsamiq Check out the following applications (Mockuptiger online service) …Read the Rest

MockupTiger Review

Mockuptiger is a web based HTML5 application. It is a fairly new application but seems to have lot of features. …Read the Rest

HTML5 Mockups – Wireframes font rendering is tricky

HTML5 Font rendering is tricky. It is not consistent across browsers. Read how MockupTiger fixed the font rendering issue. You …Read the Rest

Mockup and Wireframing using MockupTiger

MockupTiger is a new wireframing software in development. According to the website the beta is suppose to be available as …Read the Rest

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