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Adobe Fireworks CS5 is part of Adobe Creative Suite  5. This is a desktop based design tool, which focuses on creating extremely detailed and high quality graphics for any form of software development. With this tool you can create rich prototypes, wireframes, websites and user interfaces.

Adobe Fireworks


  • OS – Fireworks can be purchased for Windows or for Mac.
  • Templates – You can create templates to reuse during a project.
  • Library – There is a Common Library included in Fireworks that includes animations, form elements, graphic symbols and text symbols.
  • Images – You can design and edit your own images, as either bitmap or vector files. You can also import Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files, which can be modified.
  • Wireframes – You can create wireframes from preset templates and refine them with vector and bitmap symbols, images and text. You can add pages and then export the design as a clickable PDF mockup.
  • Export – You can export your designs as HTML or CSS. You can also create clickable PDF files as demos.
  • Prototyping – You can create RIA prototypes that are multipage, clickable and interactive.
  • Collaboration – Collaborate with other designers or consult clients through real-time meetings, incorporating two-way video communication. This is an Adobe ConnectNow feature, which is part of Adobe CS Live online services. These services are free for a limited period when you purchase Adobe Fireworks.


You can buy Adobe Fireworks CS5 on its own for $299, or you can upgrade from an older version for $149. You can also buy it as part of Adobe Creative Suite 5, which comes in different packages and at different prices.

You can purchase Adobe Fireworks CS5 here: http://www.adobe.com/products/fireworks/ .


Adobe Fireworks CS5 is a very detailed design tool. You can create wireframes or interactive prototypes, all with extremely high quality graphics rendered with Adobe software.

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Adobe Fireworks CS5: screen graphics, prototyping, 8.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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