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Altia PhotoProto is a desktop-based add-on to Photoshop. Graphics, designs and images can be almost instantly turned into interactive clickable prototypes.

Altia PhotoProto


  • UI elements – create your own UI elements, such as sliders, buttons, readouts, knobs etc.
  • Media – incorporate working playable media files into your prototype, such as AVI, MP3 and DirectX.
  • Import – you can import your prototypes from Altia PhotoProto directly into Altia Design, to take the first steps into coding.
  • Export – email your prototypes to collaborators and clients and export them as PNG files.


In order to run Altia PhotoPro, you must first purchase or own Photoshop. There is currently no pricing information available for Altia PhotoPro, you must contact customer services directly.



This is a detailed and useful add-on to Photoshop, providing you with clickable prototypes from Photoshop images. There is a limited range of export options though, and the lack of clear pricing may put some buyers off.

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