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Axure RP is a desktop based prototyping tool that allows you to quickly design wireframes, prototypes and specifications for applications and websites.


  • Unique Feature Set – Grayscale, annotated wireframes can be created using pre-designed widgets and shapes. Additional features such as colour and images can also be added. Pages can be linked, content can be collapsed and expanded and conditional flow interactions can be included also.
  • Easy to Use – Axure RP compares its interface and approach to those of Visio and Powerpoint, using much of the same drop-down menus etc. There is also a good deal of training available, with online tutorials and training partners based in Europe and America.
  • Cross Platform – An interesting feature for those who use both Windows and Mac OS X is that Axure RP functions on both operating systems. A file created using this program on  a Windows machine can be viewed, edited etc. on an Apple computer, and vice versa. Each Single-User licence allows for the program to be installed on two computers, either Windows or Mac.
  • Collaboration – Axure RP allows team members to work on the same project at the same time. You can keep track of which changes have been made by whom using the logging system provided. All prototypes designed with this product can be exported as either HTML or Javascript, so clients can view the design without having to purchase Axure.


Axure RP is available at $589 for a Perpetual Single User Licence for either Windows or Mac. Licences are available at a deal price of $539  for those who purchase 5 or more.

Axure can be purchased at http://www.axure.com/ .


Axure RP is a very professional-looking and thorough prototyping tool. There is a large list of features available and the wireframes that can be created are highly detailed. The prototypes themselves closely resemble the finished website, making this program an invaluable tool for professionals seeking to provide their clients with high quality mockups.

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Axure: See it happen, 7.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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