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Cacoo is a web-based design tool, that allows real-time collaboration on the same diagram, at the same time. With this application you can create network charts, site maps, UML and wireframes.


  • Drag and Drop – Diagrams are created using drag and drop elements.
  • Images – You can upload images from your computer to Cacoo.
  • Collaboration – Invite collaborators to ¬†work on a diagram with you in real time. There is a chat features, and each user is represented by an icon, so that the author or each edit can be identified.
  • Export – You can export diagrams to blogs and post them on Twitter, Facebook or GoogleBuzz. You can also export them as PNG files.
  • Security – Diagrams can be made private, or shared with designated users.


You can sign up to Cacoo for free. Cacoo is available at http://cacoo.com/ .


Cacoo is a diagramming tool. Therefore it creates wireframes, but does not create clickable prototypes. It is free of charge however, and the real-time collaboration feature is very useful, especially to design teams or students.

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Cacoo: Create diagrams online, real time collaboration, 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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