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Denim is a desktop based application that is designed to help with basic mockups and wireframes. You can also use it to design your own UI elements and widgets. It accepts sketches as input and works at different refinement levels, which can be unified through zooming.


  • OS compatibility – Denim functions on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix.
  • Sketching – You can input sketches into this application and use them within your design.
  • Components – You can design your own widgets and save them for use in many different designs.
  • Conditionals – You can create website prototypes where transitions between sites are conditional and based on the user’s actions.


Denim is free to download and can be found at http://dub.washington.edu:2007/projects/denim/


This is a free desktop based application that is useful for simple mockups and wireframes. You can go so far as to design prototypes with it, but these will probably look too rough to present to potential clients, depending on their requirements of course.

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Denim: An informal tool for early stage website and UI design, 1.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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