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Designer Vista is a desktop based prototyping tool for designing mockups and prototypes of a wide range of applications, such as websites and web applications, Windows Desktop GUIs and Microsoft Office Ribbon style GUIs.


  • Applications – Create mockups for Windows Desktop GUIs, Microsoft Office Ribbon style GUIs and websites and web based applications. You can also create low fidelity sketches, in order to create a basic overview of your design.
  • GUI Mockups – There is a large selection of predesigned elements that can be incorporated into your mockup. Choose from widgets, controls, clip art and more. Each mockup can be assigned a particular theme, e.g. Vista or Sketch. All themes are customisable.
  • Wireframing and clickable prototyping – Create wireframes and fully clickable prototypes. These designs can be exported in HTML format.
  • Customisable UI elements – you can preassign certain options to each UI element in order to create a more detailed prototype. You can apply specific properties, actions, shortcuts etc ┬áto each element.


DesignerVista can be purchased in 4 seperate lots, depending on the type of applications you are interested in designing. DesignerVista for Desktop GUI Mockup, DesignerVista for Web GUI Mockup, DesignerVista for Office Ribbon GUI Mockup and DesignerVista for Skecth GUI Mockup, can all be purchased separately at $79.99. However the full pack of 4 can be purchased for $159.96, saving you $160.

DesignerVista can be purchased at http://designervista.com/


DesignerVista is an all-round tool for creating detailed mockups and prototypes of a variety of different applications. The option to purchase each design tool in a separate pack is cost efficient, as you do not have to spend money on aspects of the program you are unlikely to use. Most prototypes are created by dragging and dropping pre-defined UI elements onto a page, so this tool takes a similar approach to designing as many other products currently on the market, but this also means that it is easy to use, even for those who are not overly familiar with creating prototypes.

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