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EasyPrototype is a desktop-based business intelligence application that allows you to create simple clickable prototypes. It is compatabile with both Windows and Mac OS, and is very basic and easy to operate.


  • Convert – create a dynamic prototype from a static Photoshop image or a hand-drawn design.
  • Tags – Highlight important areas of the page with drag and drop tagging. Use the tags to link pages, and create automatic tag rollover texts.
  • Export – Publish designs in HTML format.
  • Compatability – EasyPrototype functions on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • ZIP – Send a prototype by email to generate a ZIP archive of it.


EasyPrototype is available to download for either Mac OS or Windows for a one-off fee of $69.

You can purchase it at http://www.extremeplanner.com/easyprototype/ .


This a very simplistic form of prototyping, and there are no mockup or wireframing features. In order to create a prototype, you must first upload an image of a mockup or wireframe – weither it’s a scanned drawing or a mockup created with another program. You then link the pages, and publish them as a prototype.

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