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GUI Design Studio is a desktop based software design tool that is geared towards user interface design. This software functions only on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or NT.

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  • Predesigned Elements – Drag and drop elements to position them on the page.
  • UI Element Library – There are more than 120 UI elements included with GUI Design Studio, which allows for quicker and more realistic prototyping.
  • Custom Elements – You can also design your own elements and save them to be reused on future pages and projects.
  • Templates – The Professional edition of GUI Design Studio also includes templates that help you to set up a mockup in seconds. You can also import and share custom templates.
  • Icons and Images – You can incorporate images such as PNGs, JPGs etc. into your prototype. You can also include icons, either from the 150 icons that are included with the design package or through creating your own with the Icon Editor.
  • Prototype – You can link the various pages of your design in a storyboard layout, which will create an interactive and clickable prototype. You can also interact with the UI elements on each page.
  • Collaborate – You can collaborate on projects with team members over an intranet, or through various file sharing programs.


GUI Design Studio can be purchased in two editions, Express and Professional. A single user licence for GUI Design Studio Express can be purchased for $129.

You can download GUI Design Studio at http://www.carettasoftware.com/ .


The GUI Design Studio comes with a large collection of UI elements and icons, which are of course used to create GUI applications. This makes this program aptly suited to the construction of UI based prototypes. The graphic qualities range from simplistic sketches to high quality images and icons.

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GUI Design Studio: User Interface Design and Software Prototyping Tools, 4.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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