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Some people think of a data dashboard as nothing more than a pretty visual aid, but when properly used, the dashboard can be a key tool in increasing business revenue. By monitoring meaningful metrics and responding relevantly, you can boost your business and raise your revenue. Isn't that awesome?

Select the KPIs to Monitor

One of the critical components of a successful dashboard is the selection of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to measure. A snazzy looking dashboard is no use if you're monitoring meaningless metrics.

The KPIs that matter most to you will vary depending on your business. You might be looking at renewal opportunities and renewal results, sales process, performance drivers, customer feedback, traffic, conversion, and any number of other indicators.

You want to create key performance indicators that highlight the aims of your organization. Maybe that means mining new potentials, identifying levels of team performance, making cold calls, and other activities that will generate higher revenue.

Don't obscure your vision by overloading your dashboard. Pick the most meaningful KPIs, and create a dashboard that allows you to "drill down," or click on graphs to see more detail on any specific statistic.

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