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inPreso Screens is a wireframing and mockup tool that is both web and desktop based. The desktop version is free to download, however all online features, such as the prototype online player, are disabled.


  • Multiple Screens – Edit your wireframes in multiple screens
  • UI elements – Over 30 UI controls
  • Library – Access shared widgets, images, icons and UI patterns
  • Prototype – View your prototype in an online player (not available in the desktop version)
  • Commenting – The prototype web player allows real-time online commenting on the design


inPreso Screens desktop version is available free of charge, while the online paid version costs $79 per year.

You can purchase inPreso Screens at http://www.inpreso.com/inpresoscreens/ .


The online player is a useful feature here, in that it allows your clients to provide real-time feedback on aspects of the prototype. The prototype itself is not clickable however. The desktop download is free, which is a generous offer, but without the online features of the paid version it is not very well suited to professionals, who would be better off paying for the online version.

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inPreso Screens: design and experience software interfaces, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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