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iPlotz is a web-based application (with an optional desktop licence), that helps you to create mockups and wireframes for prototyping websites and software. The mockups and wireframes are clickable and navigable, and can include design components. You can work on an entire project and share your work with other users, allowing them to comment, edit or collaborate.


  • Compatibility – iPlotz is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, as long as the browser you are using is flash enabled.
  • Wireframing – You  have the ability to add multiple pages for your sitemap, and then delete or rename them as you choose. Further features include the ability to upload images onto a page and to drag and drop them. Various web page components can also be added to the resizable pages, which can be linked to other pages or to external web pages. The pages themselves can be exported as png, jpg or pdf files.
  • Collaboration – An important feature of iPlotz is that it allows other users to view and comment on your pages. You can also permit designated users to edit your pages, allowing you to work on team projects.
  • Project and Task Management – A task manager is also included, so that tasks can easily be organised and assigned within a team.


iPlotz is available free of charge, but with limited functionality. The cheapest fee-paying account is the Single User account, priced at $15/Month, or $99/Year.

iPlotz can be purchased at http://iplotz.com/index.php.


If you are unsure about signing up for iPlotz, even for a free account, there is a useful feature on their website which allows you to try it out without having to register or download. Personally I found the iPlotz application easy to use, with a good clear layout and intuitive controls. Links to video tutorials, forums and support are displayed on the application home page also.

iPlotz is largely web-based, but a desktop licence can be purchased at $75, excluding iPlotz online membership. However, given that one of the major selling points of the application is the facility for teamwork and group access, the desktop version seems largely unnecessary.

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iPlotz: wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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