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Microsoft Visio is a desktop-based diagramming tool that can create clickable prototypes for web and application design.


  • Drag and Drop – There is a selection of ready made UI elements included with Visio, that you can drag and drop onto your page.
  • Clickable Prototypes – You can create interactive, clickable prototypes with Visio that resemble the finished web product.
  • Templates – You can choose a template and reuse it for each webpage in a given project. If you change an element on the template, the same change is automatically applied to all the other templates.
  • Export – Share your prototypes on SharePoint, or export as HTML or other graphic format files.


You can purchase the Standard Edition of Microsoft Visio for $249.99. There are also Professional and Premium editions available for download.

You can download Microsoft Visio at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/visio/ .


Although Visio is not designed solely for prototyping it is an expedient and efficient tool to use. The layered backgrounds and templates allow for rapid prototyping, and the product integrates fully with a range of other Microsoft applications. Collaboration is available through SharePoint and realtime data can be drawn from a range of sources.

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