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Mockflow is a wireframing tool that describes itself as a hybrid. The desktop and online applications are synced, so that although the desktop application  is completely self-contained, all files are saved both locally and online regardless of whether they have been created using the web or desktop applications. This means that you can access your work from anywhere whether you are connected to the internet or not. Any files created while the computer is offline are instantly backed up online once the net connection has been re-established. Mockflow also has a real-time collaboration feature, along with team chat.


  • Online/Offline – Mockflow’s most distinguishing feature is the smooth integration and syncing of both web and desktop versions of the application.
  • Editor – A straightforward interface that facilitates the quick editing of the basic components of a mockup.
  • Library – A collection of mockup components, stickers and a Layout Builder.
  • Publishing – There are a range of publishing options, such as PDF, Powerpoint and Excel.
  • Collaboration – There is real-time collaboration with team chat along with the facility to add notes to the mockup. Collaborators can also be assigned permission under various titles, such as Reviewer,  or Co-Editor.
  • Business Features – You can integrate Mockflow with Google Apps, transfer mockup ownership, and upgrade/downgrade members of your team.


The basic version of Mockflow is free to download. It allows one mockup with 4 pages, and up to two collaborators. There is 10MB image storage provided with this account. A Premium account is available at $59/Year, or $4.91/month, and gives you umlimited mockups and collaborators, and up to 5GB image storage.

Mockflow can be downloaded at http://www.mockflow.com/


The description of Mockflow as a hybrid application is a good one. You can work on/offline with full functionality, as the application automatically detects whether an internet connection is present. All of your files are constantly available to you regardless of how they were created.

With Mockflow you can create clickable protoypes, and organize them with the site-map visualizer. The addition of team chat is a useful feature that gives you the ability to edit and collaborate in real-time.

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