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Mockingbird is a completely web-based application, that allows you to quickly create wireframes and mockups that can be previewed and shared among clients and collaborators. Flash is not required, but Mockingbird fuctions only on Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.


  • UI elements – One of the main features of mockingbird is ready made UI (User Interface) elements, that can quickly be dragged and dropped onto your mockup. They are resizable, and allow you to create a basic preview of what your finished site will look like.
  • Multiple pages – Mockingbird has a simple tab system that allows you to create multiple pages and move between them. They can be linked together and rearranged as you choose.
  • Fully web-based – There is no download or installation necessary to avail of the full functionality of mockingbird.
  • Smart text-sizing – Any element added to your page can be resized, along with any text contained within it, removing the need for time-consuming font size adjustments.
  • Clean and clear mock-ups – Each mockup consists mainly of UI elements, edited and placed as required, giving a very clean and simple page layout.


At present Mockingbird is completely free to use. However from September 1st 2010 charges will apply. A Personal account, which permits you 2 active projects and unlimited users, will be priced at $9 per month.

Current users (i.e. those registered with mockingbird prior to September 1st ) will be permitted to hold one free account with 1 project and unlimited pages. New users will be granted a free account with 1 project and a limit of 10 pages.

Mockingbird can be found at http://gomockingbird.com/


Mockingbird is a very simplistic mockup tool, that requires you primarily to drag, drop and resize various elements on a blank page. The UI elements can be edited and linked to each other, and the entire process of creating a mockup is extremely straightforward and intuitive. Prototyping with clickable objects is not available, but the application is very easy to use, and would be a good start-up product for those interested in learning about wireframes and mockups.

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Mockingbird: Wireframes on the fly, 6.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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