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Mocklinkr is an extremely basic web-based mockup tool. Users upload images of their mockups and link them to other images, thereby creating a simplistic prototype of their finished site.


Mocklinkr does not come with a large amount of features. The user instructions consist of 3 simple steps.

  1. Upload a mockup – The user uploads an image file from their computer. This can be a scanned drawing, or a mockup created with a different design tool.
  2. Draw a box – The user designates a certain area as clickable by drawing a box on the mockup with their cursor.
  3. Link to another mockup – This clickable box is now the link to another image file that has been uploaded.

All mockups are hosted by Mocklinkr, and can be made public or private, so that collaborators and clients can view the designs.


Mocklinkr is available free of charge, with storage space for up to 10 images. An upgraded account costs $19/month, with unlimited images.

You can sign up for Mocklinkr at http://www.mocklinkr.com/


Mocklinkr cannot really be described as a mockup tool, as any mockups must be designed externally before being uploaded to the site. The sample mockups that are provided when you first register for Mocklinkr have been developed with Balsamiq, possibly not the best advertisement for an application that expects paying users to spend $19/month. There is no wireframe ability, and very basic prototyping.

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  • Vishu Ramanathan


    Mocklinkr co-founder here. Thanks for mentioning us.

    I agree we’re not a mockup tool. We have been working on the web for a long time and have found that most designers already have a tool they prefer to use.

    Our vision is to let designers deliver a more compelling product without having to significantly change how they work.


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