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Mocksup is a web-based mockup linking service that offers very basic prototyping. This is not a mockup design tool, rather you upload images of already created mockups and this service allows you to link them all together.


  • Colours and Images – With Mocksup you can edit your uploaded mockups with custom designed colour schemes, images and backgrounds, to create the look and feel of the finished website.
  • Link – Link your mockups together to create a basic clickable prototype.
  • Save – Save all your mockups online, and share them with clients and co-workers.
  • Personalise – You can edit the admin section of Mocksup to feature your company logo, branded email notifications, company colour scheme and subdomain.


There are various price plans available with Mocksup. You can sign up for free, which permits you 1 project with up to 10 mockups per project, and iPhone support. The cheapest fee paying option is the ‘Mini’ plan, which allows you 10 projects, with up to 100 mockups per project, iPhone support, and costs $9 per month.

You can sign up for Mocksup at http://www.mocksup.com/ .


Although this is fundamentally a tool that allows you to link pre-made mockups together, the option to customise your design with images allows you to create a clickable prototype that resembles a functioning website.

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