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Mockup Screens is a desktop based mockup tool that is marketed mainly at design teams and businesses. It does not offer prototyping, and emphasizes that any mockups created with it will not resemble a finished product, so as not to delude the client into thinking that the project is almost completed.


  • Standard application elements – you can quickly create your mockup using standard application elements on a blank page.
  • Scenarios – you can organize your sketches into a storyboard or wireframe, so that clients can get an idea of how the pages link together.
  • Basic prototyping – you can set some buttons to link to the next screen in a slideshow, provided basic prototyping functionality.
  • Presentation – You can choose a black and white option to make sure that your mockup does not look like a finished site.


A single user license for Mockup Screens costs $99.95.

Mockup Screens can be purchased at http://www.mockupscreens.com/ .


This is a solid and simple mockup and wireframing tool. It is designed for professionals and priced as such.

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