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Napkee is desktop-based tool that is designed to be used in conjunction with Balsamiq Mockups.With Napkee, you can export a mockup created with Balsamiq to either HTML, CSS or JavaScript, or to Adobe Flex.



  • Clickable Prototypes – Napkee takes a mockup and creates a clickable prototype, that can be exported in any of the common web formats.
  • Integrated with Balsamiq – Napkee is designed to complement Balsamiq Mockups, and all of the controls in the Balsamiq Mockups interface are supported by Napkee.
  • Instant Updates – If you run Napkee side-by-side with Balsamiq, any changes you make to your mockup in Balsamiq are instantly updated in Napkee also.
  • Web and Flex – With the Web version of Napkee you can instantly export to JavaScript, HTML and CSS. With the Flex version you can generate standalone code, as you can export to an AIR project, or to a web flex project.


You can download Napkee for a one-off fee of $49. There are two options available: Web Export, which is used to export to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and Flex Export, with which you can export to Flex code. You can purchase both together for $79.

Download Napkee at http://www.napkee.com/index.php .


This is a useful tool for those who use Balsamiq mockups. Napkee allows you to create clickable prototypes almost immediately from the original Balsamiq file. There are of course some tools that allow you to create mockups and clickable prototypes all within the same application, but these tend to be more expensive.

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