Altia PhotoProto: Prototype New Concepts

Altia PhotoProto is a desktop-based add-on to Photoshop. Graphics, designs and images can be almost instantly turned into interactive clickable …Read the Rest

fluidIA: Agile UI Prototyping

fluidIA is an open source, open design desktop-based application that can create rich user interface prototypes. It functions in the …Read the Rest

PetraLite: Application Development Support

PetraLite is a desktop based prototyping tool that creates GUI prototypes through interconnected static screens. It functions on Windows operating …Read the Rest

MockApp: iPhone App design for the rest of us

MockApp: iPhone App design for the rest of us

MockApp is a desktop based application that is designed to create mockups for iPhone apps. It functions as an add …Read the Rest

Swipr: integrate screenflows and wireframes into one interactive HTML deliverable

Swipr is a desktop-based prototyping tool that allows you to take Visio files such as screenflows, sitemaps and wireframes, and …Read the Rest

OverSite: Wireframe Software and Interaction Design Tools

OverSite is a desktop-based wireframing tool for websites and applications. It functions on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. …Read the Rest

Napkee: Make Your Mockups Come Alive!

Napkee is desktop-based tool that is designed to be used in conjunction with Balsamiq Mockups.With Napkee, you can export a …Read the Rest

Mocksup: Share Your Mockups

Mocksup: Share Your Mockups

Mocksup is a web-based mockup linking service that offers very basic prototyping. This is not a mockup design tool, rather …Read the Rest

Adobe Fireworks CS5: screen graphics, prototyping

Adobe Fireworks CS5 is part of Adobe Creative Suite  5. This is a desktop based design tool, which focuses on …Read the Rest

Gliffy: Wireframe Software

Gliffy is a free web-based wireframing tool. Objects are placed on a page using drag and drop, and text can …Read the Rest

ProtoShare: Ideas made interactive

ProtoShare is a web-based prototyping tool, that allows you to create wireframes, prototypes and even interactive websites. There is real-time …Read the Rest

Pencil Project: Sketching and Prototyping with Firefox

Pencil Project is a desktop-based tool for GUI prototyping and creating diagrams. It can operate as an add on to …Read the Rest

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