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PetraLite is a desktop based prototyping tool that creates GUI prototypes through interconnected static screens. It functions on Windows operating systems.


  • Prototyping – PetraLite offers GUI prototyping, where static screens are linked to create a functioning, clickable prototype.
  • UI Elements – UI elements can be used to create your wireframe, and the drawing procedure is similar to PowerPoint or Visio.
  • Viewing – Clients will not need to purchase PetraLite in order to view the prototype. Each design can be viewed in Internet Explorer.


You can purchase PetraLite from Cleverlance for €300 for a single user licence. Multiple user licences are given a quantity discount.

You can download PetraLite at http://petra.cleverlance.com/overview.html .


This product is slightly dated at this stage. There are no collaboration features and it functions on Windows only. This will discourage many design teams from purchasing it.

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