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Screensketcher is a desktop based mockup tool that is design to create basic mockups for web pages and desktop applications. This program functions on Windows XP, Vista or 7.


  • Hand-drawn sketches – The mockups created by Screensketcher have a purposefully hand-drawn appearance. This is so that the client does not mistakenly believe that the mockup indicates that the majority of the coding for the finished product has been completed.
  • Black and White – Screensketcher mockups are presented in black and white, eliminating debates of colour, pixel alignment etc. At such an early stage, the mockup is designed to represent a basic outline of the finished product, and not distract the client with colour issues etc.
  • Minimal coding – As there is no real coding required to create a mockup with Screensketcher, you can make adjustments to the appearance of the finished design without having to recode, or scrap any previously written code.
  • UI elements – There are 34 predesigned elements to incorporate into your mockups.


Screensketcher can be purchased for delivery by email for $70.21 (which includes 19% VAT on the base price of $59).

You can purchase your copy at http://www.codingrobots.com/screensketcher/ .


Wireframing features are limited and prototypes are not clickable. Finished designs can be printed out, or shared online. Screensketcher only functions on Windows operating systems, which reduces its client base somewhat. As this is a native Windows application however, its developers point out that it should run and launch quicker on Windows machines. All files are stored locally and not on internet servers, which provides additional security.

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