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Simulify is a desktop and web based application for designing mockups, wireframes and prototypes. You can create clickable prototypes and wireframes that can be shared with others on the Simulify site, or kept private if preferred.


  • Desktop – All desktop downloads come with a free 5 project online repository. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Web application – The web version requires no downloading or installation. It runs directly in your browser.
  • Modes – Simulify can be run in two modes. ‘Author’ mode allows you to create and edit the design, while ‘Simul’ mode facilitates the running of the designed website.
  • Widgets – Like many wireframing tools, Simulify is based around user-defined widgets, which are dragged and dropped onto the page. Actions can be added to these widgets to make the prototype fully interactive.
  • Share – Designs can be made public, or specific users can be authorised to view and comment on the prototype. Viewers and collaborators will be able to run the application in their browser.


You can purchase the desktop version of Simulify for a one-off payment of $89. A number of price plans are available for the web-based version. ‘Hobby’ is offered free of charge, and allows you 1 editor, 1 project with 3 pages, and storage of 3MB. The lowest-priced fee-paying service is ‘Freelance’ which costs $9 per month. This allows you 2 editors, 3 concurrent projects, 50 pages and 100 MB of storage. All fee-paying accounts come with a 30 day free trial.

Simulify can be purchased at http://www.simulify.com/ .


This is a quick and easy prototyping tool. You can be creating in seconds, as all you have to do to access the web based version is to register for a free account. The wireframes themselves are basic, the standard widgets are added to a page and customised. All in all this is a straightforward tool that helps you to create a basic impression of what your finished site will look like.

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Simulify: Convey your idea. Simply, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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