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Swipr is a desktop-based prototyping tool that allows you to take Visio files such as screenflows, sitemaps and wireframes, and convert them into interactive HTML files.



  • HTML – convert your wireframes, sitemaps or screenflows into a navigable set of HTML documents.
  • Prototype – create a very basic and low-fi prototype be adding links between wireframes.
  • Clickable Sitemap – create a clickable sitemap that allows you to click through each wireframe, and get a complete overview of the layout of the finished site.


Swipr is open source, and is therefore free to download. You can also edit the source code as you choose.

You can download Swipr at http://www.swipr.com/ .


This is a slightly dated tool at this stage, that allows very basic prototyping with wireframes created externally. There are also no collaboration features.

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