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A new cloud based SAAS service for building Dashboard and website prototypes is now available at https://www.wireframes.org

MockupTiger is an amazingly simple and very powerful application
and Remember, you have three options to use Mockuptiger

  • Install on your PC and use as a personal application
  • Host it on your domain or corporate network
  • Forget installation – just use our Online Application



Frictionless Collaboration Multiple client accounts, multi teams and groups
Enterprise class collaboration allows anyone to create multiple mini teams representing their office work structure. Provide fine grain access to individual team member at the Group level, or Project Level or at the Page level. You can pick who can Edit your pages and who can just View the pages

Simple flowdiagrams and flowcharts Use flow arrows to connect anything
With the ability to draw lines,curves and arrows that stick to any widget it becomes super easy to build flow diagrams, storyboards and basic flowcharts along with your wireframes. Here is an example below demonstrating the flow of actions how a user can publish the page and share it.

Drag and Drop images Direct image hotlinking, greyscale, sketch,crop images
MockupTiger provides desktop like drag and drop interface to work with images. Simply select all your images and then drag all on the upload region. It will load all the images one by one asynchronously. Once uploaded you can go to Browse image and drag and drop them in your page.

Direct URL linking of images from external sources
Supports animated GIFs
Image Scaling
Image Cropping
Grayscale Image colors
Sketch mode of Image

Build Dashboard Prototypes Full charting family including bars, pies, gantt & speedometers
MockupTiger is a very specialized tool for Dashboard prototyping

Drag any chart (bar,line,pie,gantt,funnel,gauges and lot more)
double click the chart
enter data in Excel sheet format
click on your magic mouse, your real chart is ready!

Widgets for everything sticky notes, links, bullets, tree, grid, tabs.. and custom drawn objects
Comprehensive library of text widgets to build any software or website mockup in minutes.
Variety of vector icons that can be stretched to any size
Draw your custom objects by just typing HTML5 canvas commands

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