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VisDynamica is a desktop-based application that creates rich prototypes from Microsoft Visio files. Images, media files etc. can be incorporated into the prototype.



  • Links – You can link pages together using hyperlinks. You can also include popups or dynamic loading links.
  • Dynamic Loading – Create dropdown ┬ámenus, tooltips etc. that feature in your interactive prototype.
  • Popups – Use links to generate real popups, which appear as a seperate layer on the page.
  • Youtube videos – Incorporate real Youtube videos into your prototype.


VisDynamica is free to download, once you accept the licence agreement. The licence is valid for 30 days, but will then be extended.

You can access VisDynamica at http://visdynamica.com/ .


This is a very detailed and useful prototyping tool. It is packed with features, and is constantly under development.

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